Rules and Terms Governing Events

Please read each event information page carefully, full details for each specific event are listed there.
This page is intended to serve as a basic rules and terms page.

Please visit our global website for complete rules.

When you sign up, choose your experience level carefully.  

More than 5 years of experience 

From 2 to 4 years experience 

Less than 2 years experience, no pro fights, and no international medals in MMA, BJJ, Judo, Sambo, Wrestling (etc.)  

Please Note:
the organiser retains the right to combine categories if there are not enough competitors. 

Be sure your team name is registered EXACTLY as you want it, no team name changes will be allowed.
In some cases, gym or team names are listed in two or more names, so be sure you chose the correct one.

You will NOT be allowed to compete if you have any skin infections.

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